Public Information Bulletin (PL)

Public Information Bulletin (PL)



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Geographical location is one of the strengths of Lublin Airport. It allows easy and trouble-free access by car. The road distance between the airport and other main cities of the Lublin region is shorter (and more economical) than to other nearest airports in Warsaw, Modlin and Rzeszów. 


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Train in connections on Lublin Główny- Lublin Północny-Świdnik Miasto - Lublin Airport and Lublin Airport - Świdnik Miasto - Lublin Pólnocny - Lublin Główny routes are suspended till 29.08.2020




By Bus is the new service provider of direct bus links from Lublin to Lublin Airport.


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(July August)



Taxi services at the airport are provided by licensed taxi company recommended by Lublin Airport.

There is no taxi rank in front of the terminal building. A passenger willing to travel by a recommended taxi service from the airport is requested to approach the desk with a paging system inside the terminal. Your driver will be called in immediately.
The area of the airport is only serviced by taxi companies selected in the internal procedure; their vehicles may line up before the terminal building awaiting passengers. Passengers may also elect to order another taxi company, but such vehicles may only approach the terminal to pick up the passenger. They are not permitted to await random passengers.
The Damel TAXI guarantees a fixed price per kilometer.
Recommended taxi company


Phone number

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(including transport for the disabled)

+48 81 533 3333

+48 196 26