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Airport Regulations

The Safety and Conduct regulations of Lublin Airport have been drawn up and implemented by the airport authority to ensure that, within its premises, security, peace and order are maintained and civil aviation is appropriately safeguarded.

All persons shall abide by the airport’s Safety and Conduct Regulations while on the airport premises

While on the premises of Lublin Airport, it is prohibited to:

  1. Leave baggage or other objects that, when unattended, might cause a disruption to the airport operation;
  2. Carry, on the premises of the airport and without appropriate permit or authorization, any objects including weapons or dangerous materials that may pose a threat to the safety of people, aircraft or the airport infrastructure;
  3. Litter and pollute the airport area;
  4. Drink alcohol or smoke outside designated areas and carry or use narcotics and psychotropic substances;
  5. Bring into the passenger terminal any animals, except service dogs and dogs assisting people with disabilities and except for animals to be transported by air;
  6. Undertake, without the consent of the airport authorities:
    • Fund-raising,
    • Business activity, including advertising, canvassing or other money-making activity,
    • Artistic, political and other activity that may disturb public order at the airport;
  7. Photograph or video-record any pyrotechnical reconnaissance or rescue operations, passenger security points and baggage check-in points and passport and document control points without the consent of the airport operator issued in agreement with the commandant of Boarder Guards, commandant of the local Police station or the head of the Customs Office, depending on the activities, areas or check points are to be photographed or video-recorded;
  8. Disturb, prevent or obstruct the exercise by the airport or air carrier personnel of their professional duties;
  9. Making unauthorized changes to the airport facilities, equipment or systems, and obstructing or preventing the use of equipment or facilities intended for public use on the airport premises;
  10. Park motor vehicles in unauthorized places;
  11. Violate the traffic and pedestrian rules laid down by the airport operator at the airside area;
  12. Enter airport restricted areas and the airside without authorization or otherwise violate the rules of access to airport restricted areas identified by the airport operator;
  13. Enter airport restricted areas or the airside or use motor vehicles in these areas without a valid pass or an appropriate authority, or violate the motor vehicle access rules to these areas;
  14. Stay on the airport premises at night for other reasons than awaiting the arrival or departure of an aircraft;
  15. Evade security control or access control and cross or force through doors, fences, guard rails and use emergency button to open doors. 

The obligations of persons while at the airport:

  1. To immediately notify the Border Guards, the police and airport security if they notice any unattended luggage or other objects, as well as in the event of another potential danger to persons, aircraft, facilities or equipment;
  2. To comply with the instructions of the Border Guards, the police and airport security, as well as the airport service personnel, air traffic services and carriers, intended to maintain safety of persons, aircraft, facilities or equipment;
  3. To comply with the instructions of rescue services and the Border Guards, the police and airport security during rescue operations, evacuation, as well as safety and preventive action.