Public Information Bulletin (PL)

Public Information Bulletin (PL)



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Commercial facilities (duty free)


Aelia Beauty boasts a full range of traditional duty free goods, including a large selection of branded perfume and cosmetics, foreign and local alcoholic beverages and spirits, and sweets. The merchandise is displayed in an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation. Aelia Beauty provides top quality service and professional advice.


This specialized chain targets customers who are after souvenirs before the departure. Discover stores offer souvenirs from Poland as well as gifts for relatives or loved ones: elegant pens, crystal, amber, alcohol, sweets and traditional Polish specialities. Discover also offers accessories that may prove necessary during the travel (pillows, pads, backpacks, suitcases) and gifts for children: teddy bears, figurines, games, toys.

Snacks and refreshments

SO Coffee

They offer professional service, elegant and cosy interior, comfort and relaxation before the journey.