Public Information Bulletin (PL)

Public Information Bulletin (PL)



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  1. Check if you have all the documents and items necessary during the flight, especially the ticket and passport
(or other ID)

  2. Arrive at the check-in at least two hours before the flight, as the check-in and security check take time

  3. Remove all banned items, especially sharp objects and liquids in containers of more than 100 ml

If you spot unattended baggage, please inform the airport personnel.

Check-in at the airport

Please note!

Some airlines may introduce additional charge for checking-in at the airport and issuing the boarding pass. Detailed information about the fees is available on each airline’s website.


Detailed information

El Al Israel Airlines 

When approaching the check-in desk, please have your ticket and passport (ID) and other required documents (vaccination certificates) ready. It will make the procedure easier and quicker.
Checked-in baggage is subjected to safety and customs controls and is then directed to baggage loading.
Once the passengers have completed check-in procedures, they must go through security check and then proceed to the gates.

Security check

For safety reasons, all passengers must go through security check before entering the departure area.
In order to make the procedure quick and smooth, passengers are asked to place all metal items: keys, watches, belts, mobile phones, players (mp3, mp4, etc.), coins etc., and electronic equipment together with their hand baggage and overcoat in trays on the conveyor belt.
Overcoats and jackets should be placed in big trays.
Once the passengers have gone through security check, they can proceed to the departure area to await boarding.